Persian handicrafts and souvenirs

Persian Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Iran has a wide range of high quality handicrafts and souvenirs, whether it's their carpets, pottery or intricate jewellery you'll be spoilt for choice when visiting this wonderful country.


Persian carpets and rugs are part of Iranians everyday culture and they each have their unique styles depending on they area from which they are made.

Tabriz carpets are made with a wool and silk pile with a cotton or silk warp and come in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Gabbeh carpets are made by nomads and are thicker and coarser than other Persian rugs. They usually have simple designs and sometimes animals on them.

Kashan carpets are high quality and are of designed with medallion patterns and have deep and rich red colours.

Qom carpets are made with silk and high knot density ensuring they are of great quality. Designs vary from gardens, plants and animals to decorated medallions.


Khatam is a Persian style of inlaying, when wooden frames or boxes are decorated with different types of metal such as gold, brass, copper, aluminium and silver, along with bone and ivory. Normally they are decorated in geometrical patterns and come in a wide variety of colours.