Journals and books

There are many interesting and fascinating books and journals which can be found on Iranian history, culture, religion and of course poetry.

Many famous poets including Ferdowsi, Hafez, Rumi, Saadi and Khayyam to name but a few, have written some beautiful poems.

The epic Shahnameh "The Book of Kings" which was written by Ferdowsi is split in to 3 parts, the mythical, heroic and historical. It begins with the creation of the world, moves on to civilisation and ends with the Islamic conquest of Persia.

There are many religious books which can be used when visiting some of the holy shrines around Iran, including the magnificent Imam Reza Shrine and also books on Islamic history.

You can find books about the beautiful Iranian Crown Jewels, so if you don't get chance to see these in person, you can get a great insight into their history, with the stunning and intricate work on them, or books about the many World Heritage UNESCO sites around Iran.

Whatever you are looking for, there is something to cater for everyone and they are perfect as gifts for friends and loved ones.