Is it safe for US citizens to visit Iran?

US citizens will have to have their itinerary and tour guide approved beforehand. Sticking to the itinerary is part of the conditions of visa approval, so sticking to the itinerary and the instructions of the tour guide will ensure that there are no problems. The Iranian government is highly sensitive for historical and political reasons of any foreign involvement in the political process, in particular this applies to the United States. Avoiding political demonstrations and making any public political statements is another way to avoid any trouble.

How can you get a travel insurance coverage to Iran?

In some places travel insurance for Iran will be as normal as travelling elsewhere. Just make sure to confirm that your policy will cover Iran. Due to some travel warnings to Iran, in some countries some companies may not cover Iran. It is best to look around to see if there are any companies that do, otherwise there are travel insurance companies which specialise in insurance to areas considered 'high risk'. Alternatively, you can purchase insurance off the Iranian government, at the airport for a small fee. Tours4Iran doesn't provide travel insurance.

Can you use a credit card in Iran?

Due to the imposition of financial sanctions, international credit cards are not currently accepted in Iran. It is advised that travellers bring cash with them. The lifting of some sanctions however, should see some progress on this front in the near future.

Can you backpack in Iran?

Backpacking, as a concept, is not as well known in Iran as it is in Europe or Australia, so specific backpacker hostels do not exist, but this does not making backpacking impossible, in fact some of the conditions make backpacking ideal. For twenty to forty US dollars a night, you can get a room at a budget hotels, which includes breakfast. As a guest, you can also expect to be offered food. So, a traveller on a budget can expect to have a bit more comfort in Iran than in a lot of other places. Hitchhiking is not common in Iran, so don't expect people to know what you are looking for, if trying to do so and remember the thumbs up sign in Iran is like giving someone the middle finger in other countries, a sign of disrespect.

Best Islands to visit in Iran?

It depends on what you are looking for. If its luxury travel with all modern amenities, then Kish Island is the best one to travel to. It is a resort island filled with hotels, shopping centres, malls, as well as beaches. If its natural beauty you want then Qeshm is generally considered to be the best, as there has been less impact on the island by tourism, and the wildlife flourishes there. This makes it the ideal location for Scuba Diving, amongst other things.

Can we travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

Yes. Most hotels, like everyone else, won't ask or care about your relationship status. In case they do, it is up to the individual travellers to decide how they respond, but no proof of marriage is required. Remember unmarried Iranian couples are not able to get the same hotel room. If one of the couples are Iranian, then proof of marriage and passport is compulsory and also in most places an Iranian marriage certificate should be shown.

Why we should visit Iran?

Iran is steeped in culture, history and beauty. The people are very hospitable and the cuisine excellent. Iran is becoming increasing popular with tourist's numbers increasing every year.

Is Iran safe destination for trip?

Unfortunately, Iran is often portrayed by the media in the wrong light, and you may think it's unsafe. That couldn't be further from the truth. It's quite common to see families enjoying picnics in the park late at night, and the people are some of the friendliest people you will meet in the world.

Is it safe for women to visit Iran?

All women whilst in Iran are required to follow the dress code. This means wearing a headscarf, and not allowing the skin on your arm or legs to be shown, whilst in public. There is also gender segregation on public transport. Following these laws will mean women will generally have no issues when it comes to safety. Iranians are renowned for their hospitality, and as a visitor you will be invited to many people's houses for dinner or lunch. This isn't as forward as it may seem in other countries and is generally a sign of respect to the guest. There is, however, no obligation to accept such offers.

Which nationality needs visa for Iran?

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Which nationality doesn't need visa for Iran?

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Can American, British and Canadian visit Iran?

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How can you get visa to come to Iran?

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When is the best time to visit Iran?

It depends on what you want to do, where you want to go, and what your favourite weather is. Iran is mainly famous for its hot summers and cold winters, in its tourist regions. The best time to visit Iran is from mid-march to mid-june, or between sept-nov when the weather's not too hot, cold, rainy or snowy. Please bear in mind, a visit to Iran, may be harder during the month of Ramadan and near the Iranian new-year 'Now Rooz'. As Iran is a Muslim country, during the month of Ramadan a lot of restaurants and coffee shops are closed. At times around the Iranian new-year which occurs on March 21st, many Iranians go on holiday, so there can be heavy traffic in a lot of the tourist areas and also a shortage of accommodation.

How are the hotels and accommodation quality in Iran?

Like with most countries, the more you pay, the better quality you get. However, don't expect a 4 or 5-star hotel to be of the same standard you might find in a western hotel, that's not to say they are bad, but please be realistic in your expectations. As we are local tour operator and have seen thousands of hotels in Iran, we can help find you accommodation, whether it is a hostel or a 5-star hotel, which can accommodate your needs and your budget.
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What is the best currency to take to Iran?

The most commonly used currencies in Iran are the euro or American dollars. There is no need to change euros to dollars and then dollars to rials, as you can pay for hotels or other services in euros. US dollars, english pound, emeriti dirham, turkish lira and various other currencies are acceptable in Iran in Exchange shops.

What is the Iranian currency?

The Iranian official currency is the rial. Click here.

What is the exchange rate in Iran and how we can exchange our money?

The exchange rate may change daily according to the global rate. There is also a slight difference between the exchange rate online, and the exchange shops in Iran which are the same all around the world. Banks can exchange your money, but is the lowest rate in Iran and is even less than any exchange shop. It is possible to exchange your money in the bazar or near tourist areas especially in cities like Tehran, Shiraz and Esfehan.

What is the main language in Iran? Can Iranians speak English?

There is only one official language spoken in Iran, which is of course Farsi. However, many Iranians are able to understand English to a certain extent since English is the foreign language that everyone must learn as part of compulsory education.
Other languages spoken in Iran are Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and many other dialects.

How is the internet and social media connection in Iran?

The internet in total has a low speed, but is available all around the country. Sometimes the connection can be poor or bad, especially in the small villages or towns, on highways, between mountains and also in the desert, which is quite normal in other countries around the world. The best way to always have access to a network is to buy an Iranian sim card with enough data on it and on a good tariff, for the entirety of your trip. Apparently, Facebook, Instagram and some other websites are blocked in Iran, but are still accessed using anti-filters.

Why we need an Iranian sim card and where we can buy it?

Some foreign sim cards won't work in Iran, and the ones that do mean you'll be paying a fortune when using your own provider. You should purchase a sim card in the airport as out of the airport only a valid Iranian ID number will be accepted in order to purchase one.

What are the forbidden things to take them to Iran?

Things which are against the Islam:
Alcoholic beverages, films, books and magazines which are against islamic rules and politics, any kinds of weapons and gambling tools.

How does the Iranian food taste?

Traditional Iranian food is not too spicy, hot, greasy or salty. There are a lot of similarities between Mediterranean food, with its subtle herbs and flavours.
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Have disabled people enough facilities for a trip to Iran?

Iran is trying to improve the facilities for its disabled travellers, but sometimes and especially in the smaller towns or rural areas, the facilities are not great. Most airlines and airports in Iran can provide facilities for disabled travellers however. You can ask the airport staff for assistance, if you are in any difficulty.

What are the business hours and national holidays?

Banks, hospitals, and post offices open from 7:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. or 16:00 p.m. except public holidays.

Who is not able to enter Iran?

Anyone who doesn't have valid visa, that requires one.
Anyone with a counterfeit or altered passport, or anyone holding another person's passport or certificate.
Anyone who refuses to accept security checks.
Anyone who is deported from the country by the Iranian government with an entry-deny period.
Anyone who is considered to be related to any activities of terror, violence and other anti-social behaviour or activity against central Iranian government.
Anyone who is drunk, while entering the country.
Anyone that wants to visit Iran with an Israeli passport.