Iran visa for us, uk and canadian citizens

These nationalities are welcome to Iran, like the other nations, but only with a planned tour by Iranian agencies and tour guide from the first day to the entire trip.
*Please be aware that the 'visa on arrival' service is not available for these nationalities.
Good news is the holders of normal passports travelling as tourists can enter, keeping with Iran trade zones, without a visa with a maximum stay of two weeks (extendable), as from December 2017. To extend the duration of stay in the free zones; you should apply for a visa.

Iran free zones:

Arvand free zone
Aras free zone
Chabahar free trade industrial zone
Maku, Iran
Kish and Qeshm Islands

These places are considered as free zone for trade and marketing issues, and due to this opportunity, tourists can visit these areas free of visa as well as merchants. If you want to travel to the free zone and the main-land, it's best to have your arrival or departure in the free zone. Because once you exit the main land of Iran and enter the free zone, you will have an exited stamp on your passport. To return to the main land you need to apply for another visa.

Applying for an Iran visa through the embassies:

This way is the only way that you can get an Iran tourist visa with our help. The process starts with sending the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) by us. The issuance process would take at least 40 working days for Americans, British and Canadian. It happens a lot that visas are issued sooner than 40 working days; but not in high season. After the visa issued, you will receive a Visa Authorization code which is also called; Approval of Iran Visa, Iranian Visa Code, Visa Tracking Code of Iran. This code containing numbers and letters and is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran for travellers who intend to travel to Iran.
You can collect your Iran visa at the embassies which are mentioned in your application form (the list is mentioned below); within 29 days after the visa code is issued. There, your passport is stamped (sometimes after a few days), and you have the permission to travel to Iran. Your visa is valid for 90 days from the day you have your passport stamped.
*Please be aware that the visa stamp fee and visa collection duration vary with each embassy. You should always check the details of the visa collection before visiting the centre.
*Please consider all nations don't need a visa for Iran free zones; but for American, British and, Canadian the law may change at any time. For more information please contact us.

The requirements for an Iranian visa:

1. A copy/scan of your passport (only the first page)
2. A personal photo (with white back ground, in 6*4 size, with covered hair for women)
3. Filling out the visa application form here, click!
4. Sending us a resume of your recent job activities
5. Take a screenshot of the first page (about page) of following social medias, if you have sign in and Id:
For example: Face book, Telegram, WhatsApp, Google plus, Instagram, people, twitter, Wikipedia, Google, LinkedIn.
If you are not using the mentioned social Medias, you should search your name and take a screenshot of the page with search results.

Where you can stamp your visa?

American/US citizens can have their visas stamped for the Iran tourist visa in the interest section of Iran embassy in Washington DC. Website of Interest section of Iran embassy in US:

British/ UK citizen can stamp Iran tourist visa in the Iran embassy in London. Website of Iran consulate in UK:

Canadian citizen can stamp Iran tourist visa in the Embassy of Iran in Ottawa, Canada. Website of Iran Embassy in Canada: