Iran visa and visa on arrival

To visit Iran depends on your purposes; you can apply for different types of visa. Our travel company just provide a tourist visa for Iran. We have a long standing track record with connections to get your visa as fast and as cheap as possible. If you want to start your trip to Iran with our professional programming and arrangements you will have the free visa invitation letter and code in your tour package. If you want to use our help just for an individual visa, we will charge you 60 euro per person for the visa invitation letter and code.
To be more familiar with visa process, please check your visa conditions and read the information below. Please do not hesitate to get back to us with any questions that you might have.

A. Which nationality can travel to Iran?

All nationalities in the world even American and British can visit Iran. The visa process duration, confirmation and stamp fee depends on the nationality and it different.
*The American, British and Canadian passport holders still must travel to Iran within a guided tour through an eligible travel agency. So they can not apply for a visa invitation letter through us without booking a trip. For more info please click here (link to visa for American, Canadian and British citizen).

B. Which nationality can't travel to Iran?

Israeli passport holders can't visit Iran.
 Israeli passport doesn't have official authority in Iran.
 People who have an Israeli visa stamp in their passport can get an official visa to Iran at least one year after their trip to Israel.

C. Which nationality doesn't need an Iran visa?

The people who have citizenship or the passport of these countries don't need Iran visa.
• Armenia 90 days within 180 days
• Azerbaijan 30 days[6]
• Bolivia 30 days
• Egypt 20 days
• Georgia 45 days
• Lebanon 30 days
• Malaysia 15 days
• Serbia 30 days within 1 year
• Syria 90 days within 180 days
• Turkey 3 months
• Venezuela 15 days.

D. Which nationalities can travel to Iran with arrival visa or VOA?

Visa on Arrival or VOA is another Iran Tourist Visa by which a tourist can get the Iran Visa at the airports of certain cities. Nationals of all countries (except those listed below) holding a valid passport and wishing to visit Iran's mainland can obtain a thirty day Tourist Visa Upon Arrival (since January 2017).
Nationalities mentioned below can't apply for Iran visa on arrival:*
Afqhanistan, Pakistan, India (since March 2014), the US, the UK, Canada, Iraq, Jordan, Colombia, Somalia and Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

This visa is issued at the following airports:
• IKA : Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
• MHD : Mashhad Airport
• SYZ : Shiraz Airport
• IFN : Isfahan Airport
• TBZ : Tabriz Airport
• AWZ: Ahvaz International Airport
• KIH : Kish International Airport
• GSM : Qeshm International Airport
• KER : Kerman International Airport
• OMH : Urmia International Airport
• BND: Bandar Abbas International Airport
• BUZ: Bushehr International Airport

*=This type of visa is only for touristic purposes and the following are not entitled to this visa facilitation.
• Those who need an Iran Business Visa, Iran Transit Visa.
• Journalists and reporters at work (need to apply for Press Visa).
• Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before.
• Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.

Documents needed for VOA:

1. Original passport (min 6 months validity)
2. Your confirmed return ticket.
3. Hotel or agency reference (if you have it).
4. Two photos 6*4 with white back ground of the applicant, to be attached to the application form.
5. Visa fee in cash and Euro which is received by the Visa and Passport Office at the airport. The visa service cost depends on whether the nationality is different.
6. You need to show a valid travel insurance policy for Iran. If you don't have one, then you can buy it online from any insurance provider.

Our suggestion for VOA process:

VOA visa is a great service especially for those who don't have time to apply for a visa, or other reasons, but we don't recommend you apply for Iran Visa on Arrival for these reasons:
 This is not a safe way to travel to Iran in case your application form is not accepted for any reason, and you have to depart to your country as soon as a return flight's available for you.
 Remember that some airlines don't let you get on the flight without your visa.
 Iran Visa on Arrival in high seasons is not recommended as you might be in a long queue sometimes for a few hours.
It's better that the applicants can secure the visa by completing the form and receiving a pre-approval visa code. If your application is approved, the issue of a visa is guaranteed and is done in matter of minutes. No risk and no long waiting time.
If you complete the application form we will process the application through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and will get back to you with a visa approval number.
On arrival in Iran, refer to the Visa & Passport Office and present the number. You will be asked to pay the visa stamp fee at the nearby bank counter and your visa will be stamped into your passport instantly.

E. Can you travel to Iran without visa as a tourist?

If your nationality is not on the list of 'nationalities who don't need an Iran visa' still you have chance to visit the beauties of Iran in their visa free zones. The holders of normal passports travelling as tourists can enter following Iran trade zones without a visa with maximum stay of two weeks (extendable), from December 2017.

Iran free zones:
Arvand Free Zone
Aras Free Zone
Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone
Maku, Iran
Kish and Qeshm Islands

These places are considered as free zone for trade and marketing issues, and due to this opportunity tourists can visit these areas free of visa as well as merchants.
Based on the nationality you can stay in free zones up to 14 days. To extend the duration of stay in free zone you should apply for a visa.
If you want to travel to free zone and the main-land, it's the best to have your arrival or departure in the free zone. Because once you exit the main-land of Iran and enter the free zone, you will have an exited stamp on your passport. To return to the main land you need to apply for another visa.
*American, British and Canadian can travel to Iran free zones without visa.

F. How to get transit visa of Iran?

You should get your Iran visa for transit at the closest Iran embassy/consulate. The agencies of Iran are not able to provide transit visa for Iran by themselves.
*Travellers who want to enter Iran by car, Iran borders should have their visa stamped before their entry.

G. How you can get an Iran tourist visa through the embassies by Tours4Iran?

Good news is Iran visa is free on our tour packages. If you apply for individual visa and you don't want to come to Iran in an arranged tour by our travel company, the visa fee is $65 per person for visa invitation, the letter, and code. Please fill the application form and for more information contact us at .

Applying for an Iran visa through the embassies by Tours4Iran:

This way is recommended by us as you can be sure that before arranging your trip, you would have your Iran visa. Besides, you can get your one-month-Iran-visa in this way and this method is possible for 99% of nations. The documents you need to apply are:

1. The copy of your main passport page with at least 6 months validity (and two blank pages).
2. The online visa application through our visa form.
3. Two 6*4 photos with white back ground. This is two new passport size photos (with covered hair for ladies, at some consulates)

The process starts with sending the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) by us. The issuance process should take 10 -15 working days for non-Americans and at least 40 days for Americans, British and Canadian. After the visa is issued, you will receive a Visa Authorization Code which is also called 'Approval of Iran Visa', 'Iranian Visa Code', 'Visa Tracking Code of Iran'. This code, containing numbers and letters, which are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran for travellers who intend to travel to Iran. You can collect your Iran visa at the expected embassy which is mentioned in your application form within 29 days after the visa code is issued. There, your passport is stamped (sometimes after a few days) and you have the permission to travel to Iran. Your visa is valid for 90 days from the day you have your passport stamped.
*Please be aware that the visa stamp fee and visa collection duration varies with each embassy. You should always check the details of the visa collection before visiting the centre.
*Please consider all nations don't need a visa for Iran free zones.
*The travel agencies cannot get a visa invitation letter for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Afghan nationalities and visitors from these countries should refer directly to their own consulates for the application.

H. Who we can give extensions to our Iran visa?

In case you need to stay longer you should apply for an Iran visa extension. For this, you should refer to one of Iran Police Offices of Foreign Aliens in major cities below, holding your passport.
Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad
Working days in Iran are from sat to wed except national and religious holidays

Important notes:

*Changing the visa collection place in many cases is impossible. Please choose the visa collection location carefully.
*If you want to get the double or multiple entry visas there is no guarantee the MFA will authorise this when you decide to travel to Iran.
*The longest visa duration that we can apply for is 30 days. It may be possible to get this extended in Iran.
*If your visa request was rejected you can apply again immediately; please let one of our agents know about its rejection (if it has happened), and also ensure you write the entrance date in your visa form accurately.
*We can apply for the tourist visa only; however the tourist visa can be used exactly like a pilgrimage visa and will enable you to visit all of the religious sites around Iran.