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Taft city is in Taft County and is found in Yazd province en-route from Shiraz to Yazd. The population as of a 2016 census was 43,893.

Taft has two parts - One is very mountainous and the other is desert. The name Taft means 'roasted' which probably refers to the desert and the heat there.

The main occupation of the locals is farming and the main crops they farm are: Wheat, pomegranates, walnuts and vegetables.

The majority of people living here are Muslim but there are some Zoroastrian people living here as well.

Tourist Attractions

There is a mountain in Taft called 'Kuhe Oghab' or 'Eagle Mountain' and this is because it looks like an eagle from any view of the mountain.

Azadarei or 'funeral ceremony' for Imam Hussein is very famous here; and is especially important at the time of Ashura that commemorates the Martyrdom of the grandson of the prophet Muhammed, and is a time of great mourning for Shia Muslims.

1) Eagle mountain
2) Bazaar Shah Vali
3) Qanat shah Nemal Allah Vali
4) Old complex
5) Mirza Hamam
6) Qarmsir citadel (19th century)