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Mehriz is the capital of Mehriz county in Yazd province and the population was 51,733 as taken from a 2016 census.

Mehriz is located 45km from Yazd and is found en-route between Tehran and Bandar Abbass.

The name Mehriz may have derived from the Sassanian king Anoshiravan's daughter whose name was Mehrnegar.

There are villages in and around Mehriz, and the people work in farming and also in producing building equipment.
It also produces pomegranate and pistachio.

The people who live in Mehriz are mainly Shia Muslims, but there are some Zoroastrians living there as well too.

The main village in Mehriz is popular with tourists and is called Saryazd.

Tourist attractions

1) Saryazd Village (caravansarai, citadel and old village)
2) Mehrpadin Citadel (14th century)
3) Zein al din Caravansarai
4) Pahlevanpoor garden (19th century)(World Heritage site)
5) Mehriz Cypress (2,000 years' old)
6) Pir Naraki Shrine (Zoroastrian Shrine)
7) Saryazd Jameh Mosque
8) Khoormiz Citadel
9) Qanabad Citadel
10) Farafar Citys Gate
11) Arnan Castle
12) Millstone
13) Qanat Hasan Abad( World Heritage Site)

Saryzad Village

Saryazd is a village in Mehriz county which is a popular tourist attraction of the region. It has a water reservation and caravanserai which is open to tourists. Camel riding, an astronomy station and off road tours encourage tourists to visit the area but the main attraction is the Saryazd Citadel which is older than the Sassanian empire and it has been reconstructed in recent years.

It has the first safety deposit box in the world and locals took their food, gold, money or anything of value in to a small chamber and locked it.

There is a moat around the citadel that is six metres in depth and near that was a Qanat water source.